The North Cornwall Railway

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Delabole station Delabole station, as with most others that remain, is now a private house and is seen here as it was in the mid-1980s. Looking somewhat sorry for itself it was, unfortunately, rather a larger restoration project than the owners at the time had bargained for. Photograph by Ron Strutt.
This was what remained of the up platform in the mid 1980s. Photograph by Ron Strutt. Delabole station
Delabole station Today the station is surrounded by newer development that has just about obliterated the railway land. Where once there was an overbridge to the south of the station there is now just a filled-in cutting, but with bridge parapets remaining, an adjacent house still called "Bridge House", and a new house on the filled-in trackbed south of the site of the bridge.
One other building that remains is presently used by the Fire Brigade. At one time this building was a Co-operative Society goods shed which stands on the site of what was once an engine shed. On this side of the shed was a turntable, which would be a link with today if the Fire Brigade has an appliance with a turntable ladder here. Old Co-op building
Port Isaac Road station The very inclusion of "Road" in the name of Port Isaac Road station tells you that it is some distance from the place it purports to serve. In addition, the station itself, now a private dwelling, is some distance from the road, as can be seen in this photograph. At one time there was a proposal to demolish the station building and build a development of houses here, but planning consent could not be obtained and the building survives.
The station as photographed by Ron Strutt. in the mid-1908s, whilst being used commercially by a firm of coal and fertiliser merchants. Port Isaac Road station
Port Isaac Road station The well cared for front of the station whilst in commercial use. Photographed by Ron Strutt.
The goods shed being used for just that - lots of goods in sacks! Photograph by Ron Strutt. Port Isaac Road goods shed
Bridge near Port Isaac Road When you arrive at the bottom of the long, long station approach the road that passes the end goes under this bridge. The hilly nature of this part of north Cornwall is demonstrated well here as not far on either side the line passed underneath the road.

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