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CAMELFORD since closure

Camelford Station after closure
Camelford Station shortly after closure. The rails and signs have gone but the station waits to start another life.

Camelford station Fast forward to 1985 and nothing seems to have changed! This photograph of the platform side of the main station building, looking very neat and well cared for, was taken by Ron Strutt.
The view along the down platform (the only one apart from Halwill, Launceston, Wadebridge and Padstow to have a canopy) as taken by Ron Strutt in 1985. The other buildings here do not seem to have fared as well. Camelford station
Camelford station A close-up by Ron Strutt, taken in 1986, of the platform area under the canopy. Inside the double white doors was the General Waiting Room.
In stark contrast to the condition of the main station building, the goods shed was in a poor state of repair when photographed by Ron Strutt in 1986. Camelford station
Camelford station area Now in 2001, Camelford station has been extended considerably in order to accommodate a very interesting museum of cycling, although from this view it doesn't look much different. As at Otterham, road widening has obliterated all signs of where there was once an overbridge to the west of the station.
You can see the change that has been made when looking back at the station from the trackbed between the platforms. The whole station area is kept in a good state of repair and the present owners have even brought in a signal to add to the ambience. It is not, however, a Southern signal!

As at Otterham, the area around the station is still known as Camelford Station, maybe reflecting the fact that the station is not in the town it served!

Camelford trackbed looking towards the museum

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