The North Cornwall Railway

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The Ashwater station buildings remain extant, but look as if they could do with a little TLC! Ashwater station is in the small hamlet of Ashmill, with the larger village that gave the station its name being on the other side of the valley and a couple of hundred feet above the railway line that followed the valley floor! Ashwater station
Trackbed north of Ashwater station Looking north from Ashwater station the trackbed can clearly be seen, but as this photograph shows it is a very wet and soggy place today - a far cry from the days when the 'Atlantic Coast Express' passed this way!
A minor road crossed the railway on an overbridge a short distance from the hamlet of Virginstow. This view of the trackbed, taken looking north from that bridge, is not much different from that at Ashwater, though a little less soggy. Trackbed near Virginstow
Tower Hill station area The site of what was once Tower Hill station. The building was demolished with no sign of it remaining today, although the railway-built cottages behind the original goods yard are still there and, indeed, have been extended at one end. The buildings on the far right of the photograph are standing where the two military sidings were constructed in 1943. This view is taken from the overbridge that was at the north end of the station, looking south.
Looking northwards from the other side of the same bridge the trackbed can be seen to be very wet and, in the area nearest the station, very overgrown. Trackbed looking north from Tower Hill

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