The North Cornwall Railway

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LAUNCESTON since closure

Launceston Steam Railway Looking down the line from the bridge that takes St Thomas Road over the course of the railway line today one sees the Launceston station of the narrow gauge Launceston Steam Railway which runs along the course of the North Cornwall Line as far as New Mills. The main line was on the left with the original Gas Company's siding on the right, which later became the entrance to Trood's Stores' siding. The track level is considerably higher than it was when the North Cornwall Line closed as, due to slippage of a wall on the left, the ground level was raised by the council to avoid the cost of rebuilding the wall!
Looking the other way from the bridge, along the entrance to the LSR, shows the old trackbed. The young lady on the bicycle has just passed the place where the two platform roads became the single line. Launceston station
Launceston station Looking down onto the station site from Station Road one may see one of the very few remaining relics of the station itself, a metal girder that once formed part of the footbridge that crossed the lines at the west end of the platforms. The garage in the building with the blue doors, "Foundry Garage" is where the original foundry stood.
A further view of the remains of the footbridge, taken from a point close to the centre of the two platform roads. The steps of this footbridge provoked some controversy as they were quite steep. Launceston station
Launceston station Two genuine Southern Railway signs from Launceston station that were rescued and are in use today on the LSR station.

The canopy used at the LSR station is another Southern Railway artefact, this time rescued from Tavistock North station where it had been on the up platform.

This bland-looking garage, Truscotts of Launceston, is partly built on the site of the old station building. It doesn't have anywhere near the same appeal as the lovely old Portland stone building that preceded it! Launceston station
Launceston station On the other side of the road, Pat Williams' shed-like building is more or less on the site of the end of the goods sidings.
A survivor! Once again we see an old goods shed that has outlasted the rest of the railway and which, although modified somewhat, is still in use today. Launceston station

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