The North Cornwall Railway

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Egloskerry station Egloskerry station building, built of brick, has also been adapted to a private residence, known as "The Old Station", but has not been altered much from the original design. This photograph of the platform side of the building was taken by Ron Strutt.
The platform nameboard, a fine example of Exmouth Junction's concrete output!. Photographed by Ron Strutt. Egloskerry station
Egloskerry station Now in the twentyfirst century and looking a bit smarter after a change of ownership! The front of the station as photographed in 2004.
There is even a short length of track, with a van, on the course of the up loop. The platform railings and a seat are, as can be seen, still extant. Egloskerry station
Tresmeer Station Tresmeer station is another built of brick, though it is not in Tresmeer village but in the neighbouring village of Splatt. It has been modified quite a bit, but still boasts its NCR heritage. Photographed by Ron Strutt.
An interesting, and unusual, view of the footings of Tresmeer Signalbox.
The Signalbox was demolished when the station was closed but the foundations remained and were excavated by the station's new owner, Mr Robinson. Photograph by Ron Strutt.
Signalbox Foundations
Tresmeer Station Looking down at the station from the road overbridge in 2004. Not much has changed from the view two above, though things do look a little tidier!
The Tresmeer Goods Shed, minus its canopy and looking very much as if it has seen better days, is still earning its living even if not for its original owners. Tresmeer Goods Shed

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