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Coal firing kits for, and R-T-R coal fired versions of, Accucraft Sabrina and Talgarth

Coal fired kit for Accucraft Talgarth and Sabrina

Kit includes the following :-
  • Multi tube coal fired boiler fully assembled and tested
  • Laser cut footplate with all cut-outs and holes also incorporating the axle pump support bracket
  • Axle pump with brake stand by pass valve
  • Stainless steel grate/ashpan assembly
  • Etched inner tanks to hold water for axle pump
  • Quick release connector top up system for the boiler
  • Replacement cast smokebox assembly
  • Boiler wrapper and boiler bands

Price £1,320 for the kit.

Sabrina 0-4-0 Coal Fired Loco kit  Talgarth 0-4-0 Coal Fired Loco kit
Above left: Sabrina                  Above right: Talgarth

Or we can offer to purchase the loco on your behalf and convert. it. Price for us to supply fully completed RTR loco £2,550 (subject to Accucraft prices at time of the conversion & availability).

Price £1,700 for us to convert your loco, price includes fully painted and tested loco .

The "Bangham" Resonator Whistle

Single tone Whistles for the Accucraft Sabrina and Talgarth

Whistle for Accucraft Sabrina   Whistle for Accucraft Talgarth

Kits of parts to fit a DJB Resonator Whistle to an Accucraft Sabrina or Talgarth

     £98 each, plus p&p

See Ordering page for postal cost

Fitting and tools required:
2BA Spanner and JIS screwdriver or Phillips will do with care, plus three holes need to be drilled in the cab front so the body will need removing, full detailed instructions included.

See Ordering page for postal cost

Fitting service also available.

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