Coal Fired Converted Accucraft Ragleth

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Coal fired converted Accucraft Ragleth

Orders now being taken subject to Ragleth availability.

We are offering a limited conversion service which includes the following:-

  • New coal fired multi tube boiler with, Regulator, Safety valve, Water Gauge and Pump feed Clack Valve, with provision for fitting a Resonator Whistle, uses the Pressure gauge off the original engine.
  • Crosshead driven pump with by-pass valve and Quick fill connector.
  • Stainless grate and Ashpan.
  • Original Lubricator is used.
  • All pipework to connect :- Lubricator, Blower and Main Steam Pipe.
  • Uses original Ragleth smokebox and Chimney. We may offer our Cast Smokebox with opening Door as alternative.
  • Boiler Cladding Sheet in brass.
  • Etched inner side tanks to hold water for the pump with balance pipe.
  • Etched dummy sliding bunker doors.
  • All fixings.
  • All new parts fully painted.
  • Fully tested conversion.

Coal fired converted Accucraft Ragleth

You can either send us your Ragleth for conversion or we will buy the Ragleth and convert for you.

Cost for RTR conversion:
£1,540, customer supplies Ragleth.

Coal fired converted Accucraft Ragleth    Coal fired converted Accucraft Ragleth

A Ragleth in blue, and a green Ragleth with tender.

Contact: Paul Bailey, details below.

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