Q&A Regarding Our Coal Fired Engines And Kits

Here we attempt to answer Questions from customers about our Coal Fired kits, it should be remembered that a coal fired engine has differently designed parts to a gas fired engine, and it is best to forget all you know about gas firing when you get your coal fired engine or kit, there are specific areas of design which will affect the performance of your engine, the most important feature is the design of the chimney and blastpipe, these parts are designed specifically for each type of engine as the dimensions are important to get the best results.

Q Will my kit be suitable for another engine?
A In most cases each type of kit is designed for a specific type of engine and would not be suitable for fitting to another type without modification.

Q Can I use my Chuff Pipe in a coal fired engine?
A No, the blastpipe relies on the free passage of the steam up the chimney to maintain the vacuum in the smokebox to draw the fire.

Q Can I use my Smokebox from the gas fired engine in the conversion to coal fired.
A Some Smokeboxes are suitable, but most will need to be modified or replaced to accomadate the new boiler and blastpipe arrangements, these will be detailed in the description of the kits on our website.

Q Why is an axle pump required for a coal fired engine?
A An axle driven or Crosshead pump is a must in a coal fired engine, the water level must be maintained over the crownsheet of the firebox to prevent the copper becoming burnt, so a method of maintaining the level on the run is required.
A separate filling valve is also required when the engine is stationary to maintain the level over the crownsheet.

Q Can I use my original Lubricator ?
A Yes, but it would benefit by having a needle Valve control fitted, this will ensure that only enough oil is supplied, if too much oil is supplied then the chimney will become Clogged with a mixture of soot and oil and affect the steaming, it will also become more difficult to remove the ash from the smokebox after the run.

Q Can R/C be fitted to a coal fired engine?
A Yes, but it will depend on the space available, most engines can be fitted with a Servo on the Regulator only with the Receiver and batteries in a a following vehicle, there is usually no room on the engine as the sidetanks will be carrying water, or under the footplate as this space will have the firebox and Ashpan in it.

Full descriptions of our coal fired engines and conversion kits are on this website, do not hesitate to contact us if you are considering purchase and if you have any other questions about coal firing.
Paul Bailey

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